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The Mum Club Featuring MCRMAMA

The Mum Club Featuring MCRMAMA

We love MCRMAMA (or @MCRMother as she is known on Insta) , she has created a blog of lists and reviews of baby friendly places to eat drink and play in Manchester. Pure genius. Someone to make our lives easier! We want every city to have one, but since LW lives in Manny she is smug that we have Nicola here! We caught up with Nicola to find out about the mama behind her ingenious blog:

MY NAME IS …  Nicola

MY BRAND IS…  mcrmama.co.uk - A blog about kid-friendly food and fun in Manchester.

I LIVE IN…  Manchester.

I FEEL MOST AT HOME… at home.  In matching PJs, listening to Simon and Garfunkel, singing the wrong words really badly and shimmying around the living room with my two main guys, Ted and Ted’s dad. 

Oh, unless there’s a major toddler tantrum, in which case I feel most at home in the pub with a pint.

I AM A MUM AND… a procrastinator, over-thinker, worrier, awkward waffler, crazy dancer, bad karaoke singer, scruffy housekeeper and usually the most embarrassing guest at a wedding.

THINGS THAT KEEP ME AWAKE AT NIGHT… Ted’s feet and listening to hilariously inappropriate podcasts.

WHEN I GREW UP I WANTED TO BE…  a teacher or a wrestler’s sidekick.

MY FIRST STEPS TAKEN TO START MY BRAND WERE...  to annoy my friends and family for 6 months by constantly talking about my ideas and never doing anything about it. In the meantime I set up an Instagram account and started documenting our little adventures in the city. Kind words from mums I met through Instagram really encouraged me to get my ass in gear. I’m not sure where this ‘brand’ is really going but I’m doing something, and something feels better than nothing.

THE HARDEST PART OF MOTHERHOOD IS… sleep deprivation; worrying that I’m doing everything wrong and having to wait 18 years to see how badly I messed up.

THIS KEEPS ME SANE... Insane Whatsapp chats with my pals, my other half, my folks, running (away from the house as fast as my hairy legs can carry me), long train journeys to work, assholeparents.com and Ted hugs.

I COULD NOT LIVE WITHOUT (PHYSICAL OBJECT)...  I refuse to admit that I couldn’t live without my phone.  Life would be a bit difficult but I’m sure I’d survive.  I don’t need CBeebies on tap. I don’t need to take thousands of pictures of my son. I don’t need to IMDB the fit guy in the film I’m not watching properly. I don’t need to Google ‘Annoying toddler’ to make sure I’m not suffering alone. I don’t need to stalk all those cool mums doing all the cool stuff I’d like to do if I could just get my head out of my phone. But I do need to contact the outside world and cry out for a little help now and again. So yeah, damn it, my phone.  I’d be absolutely screwed without it.

MY BIGGEST RISK... admitting that I couldn’t live without my phone and my other half reading this.

MY BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT... today is washing my hair and not looking at my phone while I finish this Q&A. 

MY BEST PIECE OF ADVICE…  Never try to parent a toddler lying down with a hangover.  It’s dangerous.  I have the black eye to prove it.

AND LASTLY A PERSONAL ONE! I WOULD HAVE DONE THIS DIFFERENTLY IN MY LABOUR…  Nothing.  I loved giving birth.  It was a hard slog but thanks to hypnobirthing I embraced my inner (and outer) cavewoman and had the most empowering and amazing experience of my life.

Instagram: mcrmother
Blog: https://mcrmama.co.uk



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