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The Mum Club Featuring Hypnobirthing Mumma

The Mum Club Featuring Hypnobirthing Mumma

We love to meet and talk to women that were inspired to set up their own businesses on the back of their own experiences. It provides a passion, belief and a drive that is unbeatable. Teaching and helping those that are about to go through the same thing is what we are all about, so it was our pleasure to meet and interview Ali, the hypnobirthing Mumma and learn all about her venture.  

My name is …  Ali James

My brand is… hypnobirthing mumma – I want to empower women to have a birth they are happy with, not filled with fear.  For all mums out there to feel they made the right choices for them by asking the questions they needed to. 

 I live in… Bedfont, Middlesex

I feel most at home… in good company with friends and family & doing what i do best with them – eating! 

I am a mum and... A girlfriend, daughter, sister, friend, godmother, hypnobirthing practitioner, yogi and on some days the cook & the cleaner too – and i love it

Things that keep me awake at night… the awful things going on around the globe & how we are so fortunate in this part of the world.  Makes you appreciate what a great life i have and how we need to grab it with both hands and live it to the full as we have the opportunity to do that

When I grew up I wanted to be… a model – how naive was i but it seemed so glamorous and girly.  

My first steps taken to start my brand were... Using hypnobirthing during my own labour & realising how truly amazing it is.  I felt like i’d found my vocation and wanted to share it with friends who asked for my advice with pregnancy and labour.  I found a kg hypnobirthing course in London and met some wonderful like minded people whilst I was there. 

The hardest part of motherhood is… not having enough time to do everything! I’m terrible for wanting to do it all and running around the house all evening – cooking, cleaning, washing, tidying, making sure my son has everything he needs for the next day when actually most of it could wait till the next day or I could accept the help i’m offered to not do it all on my own – but why would I want to do that when by the end of the week i can them moan how tired I am!!

This keeps me sane... Yoga.  Its one place i can go where i not only get a great workout but i can totally switch off and think about nothing other than the pose i’m in.  We all need to switch off and have time out as mums. 

I could not live without (physical object)... My iphone - I know it’s terrible but it’s true! It probably causes the most disagreements in our house but i’m always on it – social media, shopping, text, whatsapp....

My biggest risk... Deciding to take redundancy to pursue my passion with hypnobirthing rather than pursuing another role in digital marketing.  A scary thing realising that regular monthly salary won’t be there anymore but the prospect of doing something i’m passionate about feels me with such excitement. 

My biggest accomplishment... Having a natural labour and becoming a mum.  Both of these things have taught me so much about myself as i was that girl who was terrified of childbirth.  I saw it as something that would last hours if not days and would be so incredibly painful.  My labour was nothing like that - it was amazing and there is no part that I wish to forget.  Being a mum is so rewarding and makes you look at the world in a whole different light. 

My best piece of advice… be true to yourself and don’t worry what other people think.  This is even more apparent when you become a mum as you worry how others perceive you when actually we’re all doing the best job but some of us do it in different ways which doesn’t make it the wrong way. 

And lastly a personal one! I would have done this differently in my labour… I had an amazing labour and to this day I tell people I had harder days at work because i was so relaxed and so chilled but I would have stood up more & trusted gravity!








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