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The Mum Club Featuring Halcyon Casts

The Mum Club Featuring Halcyon Casts

Everything noways is captured through a sense. Lets be honest we spend most of our time behind one. But there are some moments that we wish to treasure where a camera will just not cut it. Our children growing up too quickly is one of those things. Thats why we have found the perfect treat, Halcyon Casts. Check out how you can create a beautiful, every lasting memory of your new born and it doesn't involve a lense.

MY NAME IS …Elle Trajcevski  

 MY BRAND IS…Halcyon Casts -Baby casting and beyond. Creating lifecasts of hands and feet from newborn babies just a few days old right through to adults and all the ages in between. Solid bronze sculptures and framed natural plaster casts. Creating an experience to remember and a keepsake to treasure. 

 I LIVE IN…Buckinghamshire with my husband and our incredibly bouncy, energetic twin boys. (They are a bit like playful puppy dogs needing fresh air and exercise everyday!)

 I FEEL MOST AT HOME…with my husband and boys all snuggled up watching a film together, munching popcorn, nibbling chocolate & sipping a glass of something red next to our roaring fire. Absolute bliss.

 I AM A MUM AND…a wife, a loopy friend and someone who loves to pop some tunes on and dance in the house when no one is home! Kinda obsessed with Pilates, headstands and baking too. 

 THINGS THAT KEEP ME AWAKE AT NIGHT…my lists! I love a list. In fact I have lists of lists. Lists of things to do, list of things I’ve done and if one is not written neatly I will re-write it (weird and pointless you say? Yep totally!) I love a glorious new notebook too but writing on that first page always makes me nervous! Anyway as I start drifting off to sleep my thoughts kinda juggle about in my mind about literally everything, the kids, things I forgot to do, business stuff. The only way to settle and sleep well is to scribble it down. Often it is completely illegible when I try to read it in the morning!

 WHEN I GREW UP I WANTED TO BE…a nurse or a teacher. My younger brother, James was in hospital a lot from a baby and very sadly died when he was five years old. The smell and associated memories of hospitals for me was enough to change my aspirations. So I became a Nursery Nurse instead followed by a Nanny before having my own children. 

 MY FIRST STEPS TAKEN TO START MY BRAND WERE…. We had started making bronze casts of our boys when they were babies. We made some of our friends and families babies too. When our boys started full time school suddenly the house was strangely quiet I had what seemed at the time oodles of time to myself so I decided to take a jump and advertising a little and see what would happen. So we made some flyers (which I now cringe at) and I started up our Facebook page. My golly putting our work up on social media for the first time felt blooming scary but ever so exciting! It was the best thing we did to get us started. We’ve not looked back since!

 THE HARDEST PART OF MOTHERHOOD IS…juggling time & emotions as a Mum. Life is not perfect but we want it to be. When its tough, its mega tough and when its wonderful it is THE BEST feeling ever! Since having my twin boys I am quite sure someone has fast forwarded the time. It’s all going way to fast for me and I so often want to to stop and soak up a wonderful moment in time, treasure that feeling for a while before it slips away.  

 THIS KEEPS ME SANEOh wow there are a few things I turn to to get me back on track when life gets hectic a good walk through woods, up hills or a run through fields. I love Ivinghoe Beacon for its hills, views and its always windy up there, I love a good blast of air like that! A trip to the beach to blow the cobwebs away too, ohhh that always kickstarts my energy and mind. But if those too options are not possible well chocolate and wine do a good job too!  

 I COULD NOT LIVE WITHOUT (PHYSICAL OBJECT)…my notebook for my lists and scribbles or my phone for taking photos. It would be too hard to choose between the two!

 MY BIGGEST RISK… a bungee jump on a girls holiday way back when I was very young! Scared the wotsits out of me, I would never do another one! 

 MY BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENTmy twin boys Oliver and Louis. 

 MY BEST PIECE OF ADVICE…don’t try and be Supermum from day one. Give yourself time to adjust, give yourself time to get to know your baby and time to be just you again. Accept all the help offered to you (I didn't and totally regret that) Oh and cuddle those newborn babies as much as possible. They are teeny tiny for such a short time, before long you will be chasing them for kisses and cuddles like me!

 AND LASTLY A PERSONAL ONE! I WOULD HAVE DONE THIS DIFFERENTLY IN MY LABOUR…I had a planned C-section for our identical twins. I would not have changed that. It all felt wonderfully relaxed and controlled. I was incredibly excited. It was a totally wonderful experience for me (it was only recovering afterwards that wasn’t quite so nice)

Website       www.halcyoncasts.co.uk

Instagram   halcyon_casts

Facebook   @halcyoncasts

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