Welcome to The Mum Club, we are Jess and Lauren thanks for stopping by. Please let us know if we can help you with anything... 

The Mum Club Featuring Elderflower and Delilah

The Mum Club Featuring Elderflower and Delilah

Elderflower and Delilah was created by twin Mamas, from across the globe they began blogging and realised they could never find the perfect breastfeeding top. Thus, the FEED top was born, now they work together mainly via Skype and bring you the effortlessly chic 3 in 1 feeding scarf. 

Our names are: Sam and Selina (twins)

OUR BRAND IS… Elderflower & Delilah, created by us twinnies, sisters, mamas and putting all our experience into the designs we created.

 We LIVE IN… Liverpool (UK)  & Sydney (Oz)

 WE FEEL MOST AT HOME… when we are putting the world to right over a long Skype call with hot brews in hands (Always a Yorkshire Tea)

 We Are BRAND OWNERs AND.. Mothers, Twinnies, sisters amongst a tribe of seven, 1/2 Irish 1/2 English, strong minded, creative, energetic & positive

 THINGS THAT KEEP US AWAKE AT NIGHT…Our children, Security and probably a tad too much tea!

 WE WANTED TO BE Creative, create and make. We were forever making an art project out of everything we came across and once took a multitude of colours and rolled them out all over the house to surpise the family with a total  house transformation. Admittedly the orange was a bit too much in the kitchen but we got away with the rest.

OUR FIRST STEPS TAKEN TO START THE BRAND WERE… A serious online meeting. Sammy with her business head, me with the do-er attitude. We made the decision to go ahead and set ourselves some goals that we continue to keep on top of by checking in regularly with each other.

 THIS KEEPS ME SANE…Debrief over anything and everything.


 OUR BIGGEST RISK… This business……rise or fall, we will persevere

 OUR BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT… winning Twiddle Dum and Tweedle Dee in a country fair. Our mum had gone all out and made some cracking outfits.

 OUR BEST PIECE OF ADVICE… Don’t go to sleep on an argument…..no one gains

 I WOULD HAVE DONE THIS DIFFERENTLY…  Travelled more with the babies before they began school and we were tied to SCHOOL HOLIDAYs…..arghhhhhh!

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The Mum Club Featuring Daisies and Dinosaurs

The Mum Club Featuring Daisies and Dinosaurs

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The Mum Club Featuring Taylor'd Bundles