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The Mum Club Featuring Big Fish Little Fish

The Mum Club Featuring Big Fish Little Fish

Big Fish Little Fish are an independent, grassroots music and events crew that put on family raves with all the freedom and excitement of a mini-festival, right in the heart of cities and towns across the UK. We LOVE a party, especially one that caters for kids.  So when we discovered Big Fish Little Fish we HAD to find out MORE!! 

MY NAME IS …  Rachel Wilkinson

MY BRAND IS…Big Fish Little Fish

CAN YOU DESCRIBE IT IN ONE SENTENCE…Family raves for everyone from babies to Grandma and Grandad – 2 to 4 hour party people!

I FEEL MOST AT HOME…in Lancaster. I grew up in Lancaster and went to Uni in Manchester. I moved back to the NW a couple of years ago when I had my second child. I missed that Northern warmth, chat and my family. Coming back was the best decision in every way.

I AM A MUM AND…a Party Organiser. BFLF came my way by accident almost 2 years ago. Ollie was 6 months old and I was in that maternity leave stage where you start assessing your life. It was a massive leap for me to get involved, but I kept thinking how I’d regret it, if I didn’t. I’ve met the best people and I look forward to every party that we do. I pinch myself sometimes when I get a call from a well-known DJ. From recruitment to rave organiser!


Biggest challenge was moving to London after uni. I got a job and just moved without knowing anyone or the city. I was still pretty green in my 20s and probably was a bit naïve about the move. I hated my job when I got there and stayed through sheer determination and fear of failure. I reckon it took me 2 years to settle in, with daily calls to my Mum!

WHEN I GREW UP I WANTED TO BE…I wanted to be a doctor and applied to medical school. In the end, I didn’t get the grade in my Physics and did Pharmacology at Manchester University. I never did pursue science, but I still have those science traits of being organised and methodical. Actually pretty good skills for party planning.

MY FIRST STEPS TAKEN TO START MY BRAND WERE...BFLF is the baby of Hannah Saunders and it had already been running in London for a couple of years when I got involved. Hannah had tried and tested a lot different things already, so in the NW we just needed somewhere to hold it. The Chorlton Irish was the perfect place for us to start up. We actually won the Family Arts festival ‘Audience Choice Best Venue’ for our October party there last year. I’m still totally chuffed and grateful about that!

HOW DID YOU FUND YOUR START UP...To start with I was still working in recruitment, as well as doing BFLF with a little team. Once we realised that Manchester loved BFLF as much as London (maybe more so!), I took the plunge and went all out BFLF.

HOW DO YOU WORK AROUND YOUR CHILDREN...BFLF is a great job to work around the kids. I work 3 days a week while they are in nursery and on a Sunday when we hold the parties. It’s a good balance of work and time with the boys. Unfortunately, they are still a bit little to come along to the parties when we’re working them, so I have a mixture of childcare with my Mum and sister.

THIS KEEPS ME SANE...The BFLF crew. BFLF grew organically around the country and as a result it’s made up of Mums and Dads who are like-minded and feel passionate about music and the parties that we hold. We chat constantly about everything…work, personal stuff, kids, music. There’s no judgement, just support and lots of humour!

 I COULD NOT LIVE WITHOUT (PHYSICAL OBJECT)... Tea and lots of it. I probably drink about 10 cups of tea before 1pm and then it’s over to Redbush tea.

MY BIGGEST RISK...I am massively risk adverse, believe it or not. BFLF could have been a risk, but I felt like I had nothing to lose, as I was so ready to leave my old job behind. It felt like more of a risk not to do it.

MY BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT...I think that my biggest accomplishment (apart from my kids!) is yet to come. I never thought that I’d be able to combine work and music and I’d love to build on the parties that we’re doing at the moment.

MY BEST PIECE OF ADVICE…A few years ago, I was struggling with returning to work, after having my first baby, and quite a spiritual friend of mine said she’d help me. She told me to write a list of my dream work / life scenario. Once I’d written it, she helped me work out a strategy for achieving it. A lot of that strategy involved asking people I knew for help. I’m not sure I 100% buy into asking the Universe for stuff, but it’s amazing what you can sort by asking the people around you.

PLANS FOR THE FUTURE... BFLF world domination!

Website - www.bigfishlittlefishevents.co.uk

Facebook - @bigfishlittlefishevents

Twitter - @bflfevents

Insta - @bflf_nw and @bflfevents

Hashtags - #bflf #bigfishlittlefish #bflfevents #familyrave




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