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The Mum Club Featuring The Beaubox

The Mum Club Featuring The Beaubox

The BeauBox is a luxury and chic gifting service for expectant mothers. We believe the mums are the ones that deserve a treat after months of growing a little person, no alcohol, no sleep, no shellfish, the list goes on, and what better way to treat them than send a box full of luxury. From candles to beautiful hand cream and gorgeous teething jewellery, The BeauBox have a box to suit everyone. The Mum Club got the pleasure of receiving one of these amazing boxes filled with the perfect indulgent treats for mums to be and we can't recommend them enough. So if there is a mum to be in your life make use of the discount code below and send her a box.  


MY NAME IS …  Frankie Harrison

 MY BRAND IS…The BeauBox

 I LIVE IN…Surrey with my husband and baby boy Beau

 I FEEL MOST AT HOME…with my family and a takeaway on a Saturday night in our PJ’s

 I AM A MUM AND…a badass wifey, supporter of girl gangs, better than average party planner and wannabe French girl  

THINGS THAT KEEP ME AWAKE AT NIGHT…What to wear the next day

WHEN I GREW UP I WANTED TO BE…A children’s author, I loved Enid Blyton….The Famous Five nailed it!

 MY FIRST STEPS TAKEN TO START MY BRAND WERE...After I came up with the concept and name my next steps were to really nail down the brand and target audience. To help with this I created a Pinterest board.  It was really important to me to ensure I knew exactly what I wanted from the brand and that it was consistent in everything I did.

 THE HARDEST PART OF MOTHERHOOD IS…Splitting your time and feeling guilty about not giving them enough attention. I beat myself up about this all the time, finding the balance between getting on with jobs and giving your child enough attention can be so tough sometimes!!

 THIS KEEPS ME SANE...Husband…keeps my feet firmly on the ground!!


 MY BIGGEST RISK...To be honest I’m a big risk-taker so lots to choose from! But probably taking the plunge with The BeauBox, it’s a big deal putting yourself out there with your own brand, it’s so personal; it’s all you. I have been stunned by the response I’ve had, the amount of support I’ve received has been overwhelming.

 MY BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT...I would have rolled my eyes reading this pre motherhood but it has to be my baby boy!! I had no idea how hard it would be, or how I would discover this incredible love and how proud I feel every day for creating the most adorable human!!  Beau has been a complete game changer.

 MY BEST PIECE OF ADVICE… If I was offering advice to anyone starting their own business it would be very simply to BELIEVE IN IT!! If you don’t, no one else will!

 AND LASTLY A PERSONAL ONE! I WOULD HAVE DONE THIS DIFFERENTLY IN MY LABOUR…I have to say I was one of the lucky ones, four hours, no drugs, water birth….so if I’m being really picky I would have remembered to bring the hospital bag in from the car!! We thought we had loads of time so hubby said he would go back for it but Beau was far too keen!

Discount Code: MUMCLUB10 (expires 17/02/17)

Website : https://www.thebeaubox.com/

Instagram : @the_beaubox




The Mum Club Featuring HYP candles

The Mum Club Featuring HYP candles

The Mum Club Featuring Mama Knows

The Mum Club Featuring Mama Knows