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The Mum Club Featuring Lennie & Co

The Mum Club Featuring Lennie & Co

A M Y  W A L K E R

Mama of 1. Designer of fashion. Lover of wine.


MY NAME IS... Amy Walker.

I LIVE IN... Exeter with my son Lennox.

I FEEL MOST AT HOME... when cooking. I love feeding my family and friends. There is something super relaxing about cooking with a glass of wine by your side and something rewarding about watching everyone eat it. Unless your 3 year old plays with it instead... another glass of wine normally helps ease the annoyance. 

I AM A MUM AND... owner of Lennie & Co. A happy unisex kids brand. I design everything and screen print each item by hand.

WHAT KEEPS YOU AWAKE AT NIGHT... In technical terms a lot, I'm a great sleeper. But mainly if I've got too many t-shirts to print and eager amazing customers waiting.

I LOVE BEING A MUM BECAUSE... It's an absolute privilege to bring up my boy and encourage him to be an awesome little human. I'm finding the end of this third year the easiest time so far. He listens, he understands, he talks about poo a lot and we're having a fabulous time together. 

WHEN I GREW UP I WANTED TO BE.... I never knew really. I hated school, I loved art. Even in my 3rd year at uni I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do. Then I worked for Reebok designing apparel graphics and I loved it, so I just went with that.

WOULD YOU HAVE DONE ANYTHING DIFFERENTLY IN YOUR LABOUR... In reflection probably opted for drugs. I went to a midwife led unit which was amazing and I had a super water birth but fucking hell it hurt. I pushed out a 9lb 13oz baby on gas and air. It's totally doable but I've never forgotten the pain. Saying that I'd go midwife led all the way, should I be lucky enough to have another.

HARDEST PART OF MOTHERHOOD... when you fancy an afternoon nap. Yeah that never can happen again, sorry!

I COULD NOT LIVE WITHOUT THIS PHYSICAL OBJECT... My phone. Sad isn't it but I literally run my business from it. I also live nowhere near any of my best mates so I have to call them lots, normally en route to work at 8am. 

YOUR BIGGEST RISK... It's actually coming up. I'm manufacturing my first range for SS17. People think you make money working for yourself. I've actually worked for nothing finically over the last 18months on Lennie& Co every evening as well as my full time job. I'm investing all I have into the next season.

YOUR BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT... This is a hard one as I've done a lot in my 30 years. I've been a homeowner, got married, got divorced, had a child and they've all been extremely important times but those aside I'd say the creation of my little brand has been key for me. It's so important to do things that are meaningful to you and not to leave those things behind or push them aside once you become a mother. 

YOUR BEST PIECE OF ADVICE... Do what you want. Be the mother you want. Don't listen to anyone else, you know what's best. And don't be too hard on yourself... we're all completely winging it!!


Website www.lennieandco.co.uk 

Hashtag #lennieandco

Instagram @lennieandco

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