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Chloe Madeley Trains The Mum Club

Chloe Madeley Trains The Mum Club

Hello Mum Club readers!

            So I suppose I should introduce myself and explain a little why a childless shrew like myself has infiltrated The Mum Club for a day!

 I’m Chloe, and I run a health and fitness site called FitnessFondue.com.

I’m a qualified PT and nutritionist with a few clients, a couple of workout apps and a supplement range.

 I first met Jess and Lauren two years ago now, at my very first Six Nations game. 

Jess was heavily pregnant with her second child, patiently listening to my drunken rambling, while Lauren was sinking the free wine at her respective table.

 Needless to say I immediately liked them both and today, they have asked me to train them in their local park!

 It goes without saying that a lot of women, new mums especially, find it very hard to get to the gym or even afford a membership. 

 Even as a PT who pimps out weight lifting like it’s water, please believe me when I say that you DO NOT NEED A GYM to get in killer shape.

All you ever need is your body, a little space, and ideally the right trainers - shin splints and sore joints will kick you’re a** - trust me, I know.


            So, onto the workout session…

 Yes, there are a few rules that come with training during pregnancy, but no, it is not bad for your body or your child, in fact it’s the opposite.

Training while pregnant will manage your weight gain, ease your labour and help you get back into shape quicker once you’ve given birth.


The Rules

 ·      It’s NOT about overload, it’s about maintenance:

As a PT, your job is to find ways to continually overload the client so their body is continually progressing and changing, instead of plateauing. 

Progressively adding time or intensity to cardio, adding sets or reps to weight lifting, switching up energy systems etc, that’s what you should expect from your PT in your bellyless state. 

However, all this is reversed when your client tells you she is expecting. 

The first question should be “What training have you been doing / do you currently do?”

Her answer will determine her plan. If she lifts weights, she can continue to do so. If she sprints every day, she can continue to do so. But there should be absolutely no progression – no new physical challenge whatsoever – no matter how big or small.


·      Avoid the prone and supine positions:

So lying flat on your front or flat on your back isn’t ideal. 

One will squash your baby and the other can cut off essential blood supplies. 


·      Avoid exercise that will leave you wheezing for life:

Yes, you can keep up your standard training routines, but if you find yourself feeling extremely challenged, you need to take it down a notch.

It’s one thing to feel that run, it’s quite another to be carrying a child and struggling to catch your breath. Remember that. Know when to stop. 


·      Avoid overstretching:

When you’re a preggo, your body is flooded with hormones that will help you adapt to both the pregnancy and the birth.

One of these hormones is called Relaxin, and it will make you supple and stretchy like a large and in charge Simone Biles. 

Be VERY gentle while stretching, because you are more likely to pull a muscle than ever, and pulled muscles are not a hoot.


The Workout

 When it comes to cardio, as it’s Lauren’s third trimester, I'd only have her doing 20-30 minutes of something gentle. 

For example an easy jog, a bike ride or a swim. 

There’s obviously no point in me being there for any of that, so the workout I’ve put together is focused on gentle weight work, but all performed as circuits, which should get her cardiovascular system working to a nice degree.

Jess has a core workout thrown in for all those Mum-Club-post-natal-Nancys out there.


This is a 25 minute session from start to finish:

  5 mins gentle dynamic warm up stretching

  5 mins gentle lower body circuit with barbell:

1 min straight leg deadlift

1 min front squat

1 min back squat

1 min alternate lunges

1 min rest

  5 mins gentle upper body circuit with dumbbells:

1 min dumbbell bicep curls

1 min dumbbell tricep extensions

1 min barbell bicep curls

1 min dumbbell tricep extensions

1 min rest

  5 mins gentle shoulder circuit with dumbbells:

1 min dumbbell press

1 min dumbbell front raises

1 min dumbbell side raises

1 min dumbbell bent over row

1 min rest


·      JESS 5 mins core circuit on mat

1 min mountain climbers

1 min plank

1 min bicycles

1 min leg plunges

1 min rest

 •  5 mins static warm down stretching



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