My Top 6 Baby Products

I have put together a list of 'stuff' I use on the babies. I have tried LOTS of products, still searching for that detangling spray that makes my children sleep for 14 hours. Adamant I will find it one day ...I will let you know when I do. There is absolutely tons of baby products out there all claiming they are the best and do all sorts of magical things but which ones really do? These are a couple we can not live without, the kids love them, I love them and dad uses them all at the wrong time but somehow they still work. Ta-daaaaa

Maternity Shoe game.

Never has their been a better time to be pregnant or a mum when it comes to shoes. Finally the flat shoe game is at its peak, we can be stylish and comfortable whilst carrying around an extra few stone or running around after a kid. HURRAH!