My Top 6 Baby Products

I have put together a list of 'stuff' I use on the babies. I have tried LOTS of products, still searching for that detangling spray that makes my children sleep for 14 hours. Adamant I will find it one day ...I will let you know when I do. There is absolutely tons of baby products out there all claiming they are the best and do all sorts of magical things but which ones really do? These are a couple we can not live without, the kids love them, I love them and dad uses them all at the wrong time but somehow they still work. Ta-daaaaa

Maternity Shoe game.

Never has their been a better time to be pregnant or a mum when it comes to shoes. Finally the flat shoe game is at its peak, we can be stylish and comfortable whilst carrying around an extra few stone or running around after a kid. HURRAH! 

Is there a right time?

I remember sitting in my bathroom wearing my boyfriends hoody staring at the two red lines appearing on my very own pregnancy test. I was 21 years old, just over two thirds of the way through my dance performance degree and commuting to London on a daily basis.

Party like a toddle

My first born was three on thursday *cries*.  Although the thought of her growing up too quickly makes me want to lock her away in that cupboard under the stairs from a life of boys, tweezers and comparison. I am completely embracing the years I have left to throw her birthday parties with my influence, my colour scheme, and where she still thinks I'm cool. 

Bad ass Banana & Nutella loaf

I am a self confessed foodie.

- If "foodie" consists of eating, instagramming and rating out of 10.

On a serious note, I am no connoisseur but I do know a good dish when I try one and this is possibly the best combination known to (wo)man. 

Judging, the passing it on effect.

A common discussion amongst women we speak to is this notion of being scared of being judged on thier mothering choices by other people, and more worryingly so their piers. I want to know what has got us into this mess. Why do we feel that those people that are close to us are judging us on our parental decisions? Surely we have born and most importantly kept alive a small human being; the hardest job on the planet

Sink or swim

I decided to take the babies swimming. Our local Virgin has the most brilliant pool for kids. With slides, water fountains and the waters only deep enough to drown if your trying really hard. 

So anyway off we went, particularly prepared. Cossies on under easily removable, loose fitting clothing. No socks just flipflops to avoid all risk of difficulty getting them back on to damp tired wriggly bodies. Nells armbands applied, no longer need to look after that one now.